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JC Geography
JC Geography

Fishing Revision – Junior Cert Geography

  • Fish are a renewable resource because they can renew their numbers though breeding.
  • Fish can be depleted if they are over-exploited

Why over fishing takes place!

Big ships: Some of today’s trawlers are as tall as seven storey buildings and... (More)

The Water Cycle – Junior Cert Geography

1.The sun’s heat evaporates seawater and turns it into a gas called water vapour.

2.The light water vapour rises, cools and condenses into tiny droplets which make up cloud.

3.Further cooling and condensation results in precipitation.

4.Surface run-off(rivers) and soakage... (More)

Reasons why a town developed at a particular location

General Reasons:

  • Coastal Location
  • Focus of Route ways
  • Bridging point settlement
  • Defence point settlement
  • As an Industrial town/city
  • As a tourist town
  • As a service centre; example: schools, hospitals, post office, Garda Station, Fire Station.
  • Flat Land
  • Fertile farm land;... (More)

Effects of High Population Densities of a Developing City

1. Statement:Overcrowding

Development: Kolkata is one of the most densely populated cities, there are about 4 million people crammed into over-crowded bustees. Some of these bustee families live in tiny overcrowded houses. These houses are no bigger than an... (More)