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JC Art
JC Art

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MotivationJC Art

Painting techniques.

Dry brush - using paint on a dry surface and skimming the over the surface in rapid movements.

Pointilisim: dots on the surface-this can be done using any range of colours or complimentary pairs which if viewed at a distance seems to blend the colours together.

Short brush stroke: short Brush Strokes of colour.

Short brush stroke with complementary colours: short Brush Strokes of colour using complementary colours.

Sgraffito: one coat of paint is left is left to dry on a canvas or sheet of paper. Another coat of a different colour is painted on top of the first layer.... (More)

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JC Art

Areas of consideration for paintings

Focus point: centre of interest 

Line: navigational tool

Overlapping: visual separation of space

Negative space: space unoccupied by objects 

Positive space: space occupied by objects

Contrast: light and dark / shape and pattern

Balance: arrangement of elements 

Proportion: space for each component 

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JC Art

The art elements

Dot: this is the starting point, the first mark on a page and the start of a line. A dot can be used in many ways. You can use a dot to add tone, to show shadow, or to create visual texture when you are doing observation drawing.

Line: a line is a point moving in or through space, like a pathway. It can move in any direction: vertically, horizontally or diagonally. It can be thick or thin, long or short, wavy, spiralling or broken up. A line can mark the edge (perimeter) of an object or subject you are... (More)

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your question. In my opinion you can do art for the LC without doing it for the JC but look into more details with maybe someone who didn't do it for the JC but ended up doing it for LC.LC209 art is made up of four units linked together and based on the everyday visual experience of the student's own environment. The practical work can include Life Sketching, Still Life, Imaginative Composition, Design and Craftwork.

Unlike most other subjects, most of the marks for Leaving Certificate Art have been awarded by the time the June... (More)