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Phased return to school Monday, 1 March

On Monday 1 March the first four class groups at primary level – junior and senior infants, first and second class – and final year Leaving Certificate students will return to in-school provision. This phase will also see a return to full attendance for children in special schools, as well as children in early start pre-school classes and early intervention special classes for children with autism or hearing impairment.

Monday 15 March is the target date for the return to in-school provision of the rest of primary school children – third to sixth class, and fifth year Leaving Certificate students.... (More)

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Examable Notes
Distinction Quality Notes for Junior Cycle |

5 Apps Every Student Should Use

To help you be as productive as you can we have put together a list of 5 apps every student should use.


Forest is an app that is wonderful for helping you to stay as focused as possible for short periods of time and then allows you to take timed breaks. It is essentially a timer in which a tree grows while you are studying. It helps you to avoid distractions as when you leave the app before the timer ends the tree dies.


Notion is a note taking app that allows you to keep all your notes... (More)

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Christmas Giveaway!

Enter by filling out this quick form :)

Terms and Conditions

  1. The winner is chosen based on the number of reputation points accumulated by the end of the competition. Reputation points are gained by involvement and participation (asking/answering questions, sharing notes, etc.) on
  2. To partake in the competition you must currently be a second-level student in Ireland.
  3. The competition will begin at 12:00am on the 25th Nov 2020.
  4. The winner will be chosen by based on reputation points at 12:00am on the 23rd Dec 2020.
  5. No cash alternative will be awarded in lieu of stated prize(s).
  6. There... (More)