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The Blog

Control The Controllable – Be In Control Of Your Exams

Hi Everyone, my name is Linda Bonnar and I’m an Irish qualified History Teacher and Life Coach. A few years ago I also made the decision to train as a Life Coach as I found that while I loved helping... (More)

Stress Management: How To Get Through Your Exams Stress-Free

Let’s face it- exams are not fun; they’re not fun for you students who have to sit them, they’re not fun for your parents and they are certainly not fun for your teachers or examiners! Exams can cause upset, frustration,... (More)

Motivating Yourself to Study

Are you a carrot or stick person? Do you complete tasks because you can recognise the benefit of doing so (like getting positive feedback from teachers, improving your grades), or do you complete tasks because you associate not completing it... (More)

How to Study Better

Effective studying habits are the key to learning success. Discover new ways to effectively study.